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2017 from the IoT perspective

The Internet of Things has seen a lot of changes and improvements in all areas, including but not limited to products, technologies and tools.

According to the editor,  the most important merger of the year was Atmel’s acquisition by Microchip Technology. This will have far-reaching effects on what kind of devices will be found on the IoT edge deployments. This is specially useful for the IoT community because the Atmel AVR is at heart of the popular open source Arduino platform.

Furthermore, the commonplace availability of LoRa compliant modules and a slew of ready to use products based on the technology are also considered a game changer. However, the market is still thirsty for a more refined generation of gateway devices, specially the ones that also have independent WAN interface capability.

On the other hand, the database & storage technologies to capture high-velocity data arriving from the edge, in near-real time or in batch mode. Technologies like Apache Flink and Spark streaming have matured a lot and are now a viable choice for the engineers & designers.

Also notable is the fact that storing and and processing of such vast amounts of data has become a lot cheaper and easier, specially thanks to the evolution of time-series databases like InfluxDB, Prometheus and others.

So, in all a very good year so far, looking forward to a peaceful happy year 2018.

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