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Resin.IO – Mass Device code deploys done right

I am evaluating Resin.IO with my new RaspberryPI 2 and the results are fantastic for the simplified process. This is how it works. from Team on Vimeo.

So, from a device admin’s perspective, all you need to do is to burn a customized image to an SD card, boot the device off it and wait for it to connect to the internet and it shows up in your account on dashboard. From that point onwards, the developer’s perspective is even simpler, one only needs to focus on problem at hand, perform a code change and do a ‘git push’ to the origin server. That triggers a process that ends with the new version deployed on the device. The beauty of it is that it scales to thousands of devices. Not just that, in case any devices were offline when the update arrived, they will catch-up when they can see the internet later.


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