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IoT SIM that works across the globe

Onomondo is a company that’s headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark, they have pioneered a SIM solution for IoT devices that are expected to cross international borders (think freight containers and high value parcels). Here is a comprehensive article that discusses in detail how Onomondo’s solution is being used in the manufacturing industry.

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Raspberry PI Zero W is here

Raspberry PI silicon RP2040 has entered the embedded market with a bang, where millions of units have been sold and tens of millions are on the way. It was felt that it lacked connectivity, and Raspberry PI team have listened to the community. We now have a new version rolling out which brings effortless WiFi…

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Pushing data from esp8266/nodeMCU to MySQL Usually, we use some sort of queuing mechanism to connect two devices or processes where the reliability/availability of either end isn’t guaranteed. However, if you have a reliable connection between two devices, the queues can be skipped. The above article does exactly that. It explains how an esp8266 based board can connect to a…

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PubNub University Courses for Beginners

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MQTT 101

So, you have heard a lot about how the lightweight messaging protocol MQTT is great for IOT applications. Here is a great introduction to MQTT by Node-Red.

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2017 from the IoT perspective

The Internet of Things has seen a lot of changes and improvements in all areas, including but not limited to products, technologies and tools. According to the editor,  the most important merger of the year was Atmel’s acquisition by Microchip Technology. This will have far-reaching effects on what kind of devices will be found on…

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Resin.IO – Mass Device code deploys done right

I am evaluating Resin.IO with my new RaspberryPI 2 and the results are fantastic for the simplified process. This is how it works. from Team on Vimeo. So, from a device admin’s perspective, all you need to do is to burn a customized image to an SD card, boot the device off it…

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