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RISC-V – Ready for the Prime Time now?

Technology has made our lives easier than ever. In the past, people needed “magic” to speed up their endeavors but now we only need to press some buttons and there you go, you can do almost everything using your fingertips in seconds but things and tools which help us spend an easy life took years…

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Super affordable MCS-51 family CH552 Duinos

If you are looking for a super cheap replacement for something that lies between an ATTiny and an Arduino Mini, and costs around the same as the ATTiny; you should have a look as the CH55X based boards available these days. I was able to get a handful from AliExpress for $1.31 each. The CH552…

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PubNub University Courses for Beginners

This supersedes a previous post that showed a five-minute introductory tutorial about the PubNub platform. The PubNub University is offering a series of in-depth courses that are available on YouTube. Very useful for anyone who wants to use a turnkey publish/subscribe solution for their web applications and IoT devices.

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Analog Oscillators Revisited

So,we needed to create a pure sine wave oscillator for driving a 40k Hz ultrasonic driver for an insect/mosquito repellant use case. Covid19 lockdown meant that we had to use from the parts available from our stock. It turned out that we had a bucket load of LM324 from Surplectronics.com. LM324 is a great general…

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A first class comparison of different Microcontrollers under $1

Jay Carlson has written an amazing comparison of different low-cost Microcontroller ecosystems that is extremely useful for anyone looking for a quick, brief and accurate account. Highly recommended ! The Amazing $1 Microcontroller    

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